Monday, February 3, 2014

Evidence of my Faith

For me, nursing is an enlightening experience. A nurse has the capacity to motivate, heal, love, nurture, comfort and care for others. We learn to be mindful and respect others views different from our own despite differences in religion, national origin, race, color or sex. 

God's ability to heal the sick goes far beyond our own understanding but it is an important concept. Healing is mentioned 139 times in the Bible. Under the umbrella of God, we rely on his truth for direction and spiritual growth. This can be seen in our lives and as we deliver care to others.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lunch in Riverside

I took my beloved dad to Mission Inn for lunch in Riverside.

Along with fantastic ambiance, the restaurant had good food!

Took a walk around and found the Food Network "Cupcake Wars" Winners.
I was tempted but did not taste.

Who can not be amazed by such beauty this time of year.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

And the journey continues..... Recently I was blessed with the acceptance to continue my nursing career. It is unbelievable how God opens doors in our lives.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rose Water Making

Made it to the Jabal Akhdar hotel. Love the Omani souvenirs!

Here is the buffet table, before the food but keeps with the mountain theme.

Diana's view point is located atop of Jabal akhdar (The green mountain)on Sayyaq Plateau, near the city of Nizwa - Oman. It is called so due to the visit of princess Diana in 1986 to this scenic lookout. From here you can see the iconic terraced villages such as "Al Ayn" which are producing the Mediterranean fruits in Oman.

The cabana and pool at the edge of the cliff.

Here we entered the rose water factory. They said it takes 5 kilos of roses to produce under a liter of rose water and not any rose will do. The standard red and white rose are just for decoration. The Omani pink rose is used for the water.

The roses are placed in vats, a bowl placed inside the vat on top of the roses then a lid is placed over and filled with water to make a "pressure cooker". This is what gives the Oman Rose Water its unique smokey smell and flavor.

Upon hiking the village, local youth washing the dishes in the falaj. 

Our local tour guide, Muhhmad. He was under 5 feet tall and they called him the "Mountain Goat" because of his ability to scale the cliffs at a fast pace.

Here is the central "pool". Rocks are placed over the cement holes and then removed to shift the water into a different direction to water the pomegranate orchard and roses.

An uniquely built mosque. Every inch of the facade was covered in rock.

Kids run around the entire town playing and doing chores.

Went 4 wheeling in a wadi outside Izki.

Had a great time doing donuts and didn't fall into any holes.

It great to go with a group!!